A year of blogging and open sourcing

Since graduating from university (even much before), I've had a personal page up on the web and have always wanted to write a blog about topics I find interesting, learnings I've had when programming, or literally anything else. I never managed to keep it up and subsequently always deleted my blog/site or just let it sit there, slowly rotting 😰

This time last year, however, I started completely afresh with a new, much cleaner design, and the idea that I'd force myself to post once a month no matter what. I failed at the latter as I expected, but unlike all the times in the past, I actually have gotten decent feedback on some of these posts, emails outlining to me that they've truly been helpful to a few people which makes my day!

I want to announce the open-sourcing of this blog. The code which drives it is pretty simple, and as quick side projects tend to be, the code could be improved dramatically in a few places, but regardless of this, the source code of this blog might help someone else who just stumbles upon it, and might serve as a good learning experience despite its small size.

I'm currently thinking about making this repository a good example repository for providing both a standard backend rendered Phoenix app (as it currently is), as well as providing different applications for a GraphQL API and JSONAPI for learning purposes as well, alongside thinking about a minor but neat redesign which might be fun to do, so the code quality in that repo will definitely be much better going forward. If there are any suggestions, feel free to hit ahem git me up and make a PR!

You can find the source code of this blog here

It is crazy fast to think how quickly a year has come and gone, how much I've had to do in this year, and this year, in particular, how different and unnerving it has been to the global population. Here's 🥂 to a better 365.25 years coming.

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