Hi, I'm Chris.

A pragmatic programmer who loves solving problems.

About Me

I'm a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Kent awarded with a 1st class degree with honours.

I enjoy working across multiple domains — solving interesting problems and continuously learning are what drive me.

At the moment I'm primarily working with Erlang and learning Elixir.

Skills & Experience

I'm most experienced in languages such as Erlang, and JavaScript though I also have working proficiency in OCaml, PHP, Java, and Lua.

I have UNIX experience, and primarily use variants of Linux as my daily operating system. I'm also experienced in developing under Windows using Window's Subsystem for Linux (WSL) or Cygwin.

If you're interested, you can also check out my resume here.


Jarlang - Erlang for the Web

Jarlang is a compiler for Erlang written in Erlang which targets the web.

Jarlang is made up of the core compiler, which translates a CoreErlang AST into a semantically identical JavaScript AST; as well as the Jarlang Runtime Environment which facilitates emulating Erlang primitives such as concurrency and immutable datatypes.

Jarlang on GitHub Jarlang's Homepage

Erlpkg - EScript builder & utilities

Erlpkg is an Erlang utility which helps you build 'better' EScript packages.

Erlpkg provides a simple CLI interface to help build and package files/directories into executable Erlang binaries with no hassle. Also includes custom argument parsing and boilerplate generation utilities.

Erlpkg on GitHub

Gourmake - Gourmet recipe inventor

Gourmake is an Erlang/OTP application which probabalistically generates new recipes based on existing templates. Gourmake was created for a computational creativity project at University and outputs markdown for easy publishing.

Gourmake is my first OTP style application and is my first foray into Computational Creativity.

Gourmake on GitHub

Get in touch

Feel free to send me an email via the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via GitHub or LinkedIn.