Hi, I'm Chris

A pragmatic computer science student who loves solving problems

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My Skills

I'm skilled at programming in both an object-oriented and a functional fashion, having used both extensively.

The main languages I use in day to day life and enjoy most are Erlang, JavaScript and Java; I also have some working experience in PHP, C/C++ and Python.

I have UNIX experience, and use a UNIX-like environment as part of my day-to-day workflow.

I also appreciate and enjoy more artistic work such as Web Design, UI/UX Design and 2D Game Art.

My Development Environment

I develop primarily on Windows 10, using WSL as my main development environment. On older versions of Windows I use Cygwin which gives me a POSIX-compliant command line environment too.

Depending on the machine, most of my work I do is either in Visual Studio Code, or in the command line using tmux and Vim.

For graphical oriented tasks I use a range of tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Pyxel Edit or Blender.

Get in touch

The best way to reach me is through either GitHub , LinkedIn or via an email .

Alternatively, feel free to check out my résumé which includes contact details and other things you might like to know.